Kuopio Academy of Design
The Ladies’ Association of Kuopio

The Ladies’ Association of Kuopio is a non-profit organization founded in 1860 whose purpose is to promote and support handicraft, arts and crafts, design, culture, art, creative industries and well-being. The association has also set up Kuopio Academy of Design Foundation, which aims to support and promote the culture, especially in design, art and handicrafts professional activities, hobby, knowledge, appreciation and development.

Ladies' Association of Kuopio founded a handicraft school in 1884. This school paved the way for Kuopio Academy of Design that was the unit of Savonia University of Applied Sciences providing training in culture until the end of 2014, when education was transferred to Savonia Kuopio campus.

The Ladies’ Association premises has returned to its roots and Handicrafts School will continue to operate both children and adults crafts teaching, support for companies in the sector, in international residences, and services related to well-being.

The Ladies’ Association of Kuopio
Piispankatu 8, FI-70100 Kuopio, Finland

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